November 2018 Februar 2019

Foam Amsterdam

Point Cloud, Old Growth

Forest On Location

opening november 22nd

Forest On Location
july 14th - aug 28 exhibition Djupivogur, Iceland the Roling snowball also with Gerald van Der Kaap, Irina Birger and many more.
june 2019

Viborg Kunsthal


july 14th - aug 28 exhibition Djupivogur, Iceland the Roling snowball also with Gerald van Der Kaap, Irina Birger and many more.
july 14th - aug 28

Djupivogur, Iceland

the Roling snowball

Double Mirror

also with Gerald van Der Kaap, Irina Birger and many more.
Soon! june 28th

De 7 Poorten, Noorderpark station

public commision De Noord-Zuid lijn Amsterdam

Double Mirror
Finally! After 5 years of working we can present our work at the Noord- Zuid lijn. The new metro line will start running july 2018, but De 7 Poorten will already be presented soon.
onderstaande foto's Jorrit 't Hoen
Double Mirror
Double Mirror
December 2017

Frankfurt, Germany

B3 Biennale; On Desire

Double Mirror
also with Yang Fudong, Martha Colburn, Candice Breitz, Carlos Aires, Johan Grimonprez, Jesper Just, Johanna Reich, Larissa Sansour, Clemens von Wedemeyer and others
november 2017

Melbourne, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Australia

All the better to see you with...

also with Kate Daw, Peter Ellis, Dina Goldstein, Mirando Haz, Vivienne Shark Le Witt, Amanda Marburg, Tracey Moffatt, Polixeni Papapetrou Patricia Piccinini, Paula Rego, Lotte Reiniger, Allison Schulnik, Sally Smart, Kiki Smith, Kylie Stillman, Tale of Tales, Janaina Tschäpe, Miwa Yanagi, Kara Walker and Zilverster (Goodwin & Hanenbergh).

November 16th
Open Studio's

Bethanien Berlin

establishing eden

from 19 onwards, performance with Shahram Yazdani at 20 and 21
august 2017- >

Bethanien Berlin

establishing eden

we're working on a new film that has something to do with Bialowieza, the endangered oldest forest of Europe
October 2017

Karachi Biennale, Pakistan


stranded present
september 2017

Datong, China

The Rolling Snowball

establishing eden

public artwork

Amsterdam Noorderpark, Noord Zuid lijn Amsterdam

De Poorten van Noord

establishing eden

bijna klaar!
August 2017


The visual Science of Art

Framing the Virtual - Creating Space with Time

establishing eden
also with presentations by Jan Koenderink, Robert Pepperell, Andrea van Doorn & Maarten Wijntjes (!)
june-august 2017

Solyanka Gallery, Moscow


establishing eden
april 26th- april 29th

Art Cologne

Double Mirror

april 27th
eerste slag


establishing eden

In opdracht van de Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt en het Ministerie van Financiën hebben we voor de tweede keer de eer gekregen een Koningstientje te ontwerpen. Ditmaal ter gelegenheid van de 50 ste verjaardag van Koning Willem-Alexander.

march 18th-april 15th
group exhibition

Akinci Amsterdam


establishing eden

We will present our new work Double Mirror, also with works Grösch & Metzger, Basir Mahmood, Stéphanie Saadé, Melanie Bonajo

january 26th-28th
rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin, Paris
establishing eden


january 26th-28th

Lucas 2017 conference, Universiteit Leiden

Landscape: Interpretations, Relations, and Representations

establishing eden


Landscape between Commodity and Myth

january 25th- february 12th 2017

Rotterdam Centraal, centrale hal

Establishing Eden

establishing eden

From January 25 through February 12 Art Rotterdam and International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) display in the entry area of Rotterdam Central Station, the film Establishing Eden by the artist duo Broersen & Lukács
december 2016- may 2017, opening December 1st 2016

large projections on the Sphinx Eiffel building, Maastricht

Life of Ornament

public commision

establishing eden

Life of Ornament is a crossover project combining cultural heritage and time-based media. Artist duo Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács present two video works in which the renowned ceramic decals of Sphinx and the Société Céramique come to life. Projected large onto the historic Eiffel Building’s facades, the once motionless, decorative prints on saucers, cups, plates, and teapots transform into animated leitmotifs that flow into one another, creating new juxtapositions of the imagery. Using modern digital techniques, the ornaments ‘detach’ from the decorative dinnerware they embellish. The two video works – one highlighting floral prints, the other, landscape motifs – honour the Maastricht’s manufacturing industry, entwining different cultures and style periods.

curated by Bart van de Boom, viewmaster projects


April 2nd 2016-> dec 2016

Moti Museum, Breda

Nieuwe Lusten

Foto Wouter Stelwagen

presentation with Floris Kaayk, Eelco Brand and Studio Schmack



june 13 november 2016

Kröller Müller Museum


establishing eden

with Pierre Huyghe, Oscar Santillan, Lon Robbé and Roni Horn
13 nov 2016 1500

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum lezing

Hercules Segers
HErcules segers
establishing eden
10 november 2016

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Onderzoek en de praktijk

Onderzoek in de praktijk

4 oktober 2016

Artez Arnhem

In de Maak

Ornament and Illusion
establishing eden

april 29th-september 2016

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Toekomst Stukken Toekomst / Future Pieces Future

Toekomst Stukken Toekomst

Toekomst Stukken Toekomst
Past Future
Past Future
30 april-july 9th2016
solo exhibition
at Akinci, Amsterdam

Relics of the Real

establishing eden

In Relics of the Real, Broersen & Lukacs present a series of new works that show a timeless world dictated by the woes and wants of our virtual times. With the mechanisms of illusion as a leading motive in their work, they focus on the search for the pristine, be it in the myth of Eden or in classical motifs from the past. In these works, the boundless dimensions of virtual space accumulate the most breathtaking mirages, but are inevitably subject to their own insubstantiality.

Distorted and fragmented along the way, the complex construction of Broersen & Lukács immersive imagery is in the least concealed, constantly reminding us that, with the boundless dimensions of virtual space, it’s quite a challenge to keep a grip: propelled from one cliff-hanger into another, one finds oneself captured by a loophole of scenes reminiscent of  a distant reality that never was.

opening saturday april 30th, 17-20, finissage july 9th

march 2016

Lawrie Shabibi Gallery, Dubai


stranded present

The exhibition, curated by Nat Muller, features works by Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Daniele Genadry, Nadia Kaabi-Linke, Yazan Khalili, Taus Mackhacheva, Shahpour Pouyan and Pia Rönicke
International Film Festival Rotterdam

Tiger Short Awards, Rotterdam,

our new film Establishing Eden is nominated for a Tiger Award, with music by Gwendolyn Thomas and Berend Dubbe
november 2015-january 2016
solo exhibition

Turku Art Museum, Finland

solo presentation in the black room, lecture november 25th, 1400, at Turku Art Academy
29 August 2014 -16 feb 2015

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

On the Move

we have created e a new site-specific work for this exhibition

our new work Ruins in Reverse, a 60 meter panorama showing a history of the future, is installed within the escalator of the Stedelijk. It's accompanied with a soundscape made by Natalia Dominguez Rangel

for sale!

at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam store and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute Store

Ruins in Reverse shirts

shirts made in collobaration with the Fashion Institute

unica shirts now for sale!


November 2014
solo exhibition

GLStrand, Copenhagen, Denmark

Three of our films will be on show
November 2014- jan 2015
solo exhibition

Higgs Space, Budapest, Hungary

Liquid Territories
9-13 october 2014

Art Verona, Italy

Art in motion and the sickness of feelings by Michelangelo Antonioni

curated by Eva Comuzzi and Andrea Bruciati

Yuri Ancarani, Meris Angioletti, Emmanuelle Antille, Broersen & Lukács, Jesper Just, Rä di Martino, Anna Franceschini, Cyprien Gaillard, Damir O?ko, Melanie Schiff, Markus Schinwald, Guido Van Der Werve.
June 2014

ChongQing Air, China

Event #1
March 2014 -june 9th

Sydney Biennale

You Imagine What You Desire

21 march -june 9th 2014

also with Yael Bartana, Egl? Budvytyt?, Martin Boyce, Broersen & Lukács, Mircea Cantor, David Claerbout, Nathan Coley, Tacita Dean, Douglas Gordon, Roni Horn, Sasha Huber, Gabriel Lester, Renzo Martens, Ahmet Ö?üt, Mathias Poledna, Pipilotti Rist, Agnieszka Polska, John Stezaker, Nicoline van Harskamp, Sara Van Der Heide, Zhao Zhao and many more

Curated by Juliana Engberg
June 7th

Paris Rencontres, Haus Der Kulturen der Welt

February 24th

Paris- Rencontres, Gaite Lyrique, Paris

also with
Michelle DEIGNAN
November-January 2014

Gallery AKINCI

The Sun That Never Set
may- october 2013

Kunsthalle Tallinn, Estonia

Shadows of a Doubt

also with Nina Beier, David Raymond Conroy, Filip Gilissen, Ane Mette Hol, Toril Johannessen, Flo Kasearu, Gert Jan Kocken, Laura Kuusk, Oliver Laric, Gabriel Lester, Katja Novitskova, Magali Reus, Meriç Algün Ringborg, Jani Ruscica, Mario García Torres, Tarvo Varres

curated by Niekolaas Lekkerkerk

June 2013

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany

Paris Recontres
april 4th - june 26th 2013

Fundament Foundation, Tilburg

Slow Burn

Phyllida Barlow (UK) Diego Bianchi (RA) Burkhard Blümlein (D) Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács (NL) Peter Buggenhou, Zilvinas Kempinas (LT) Robert Kusmirowski (PL) Thomas Léon (F) Jorge Macchi (RA) Josiah McElheny (USA) Saskia Olde Wolbers (NL) Tsang Kin-Wah (PRC) Tarek Zaki
news from nowhere
January 2013

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Beyond Sunset & Sunrise

premiere 'Beyond Sunset and Sunrise'

A mosaic film made in Los Angeles on the sunny streets of Echo Park & Hollywood.

Scripts and characters from movies such as Sunset Boulevard, Badlands, Wild at Heart and All about Eve are connected in such a way that the characters form one dream chasing community. The fictional world of the film merges with the reality behind the actors, the "authentic" cinematic universe in which these persons are situated.

Friday January 25th- Cinerama 7 1- 4:45 Ghost tracks

Saturday January 26th- LantaarnVenster 3 - 16:45 Ghost tracks

December 2012

Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

Paris Rencontres
Mastering Bambi
november 19th, 2012

IDFA, Amsterdam

screening Mastering Bambi, programma Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
sep 2012, opening

Public Commission

Parking Nieuwegein, NL
Post Panorama

Commission for the 'Garage Collection' in Nieuwegein.

For a new Parking in Nieuwegein (designed by ArchitectenCIE/Frits van Dongen) we have created 7 panoramas distributed over 7 floors. Through the panoramas one can time travel from the prehistoric times to the future of Nieuwegein.
Elements of contemporary Nieuwegein are combined and interwoven with fictional vistas of the past and the future.

All the panorama's are accompanied by a different soundtrack create by Berend Dubbe & Gwendolyn Thomas.

july 5th-september 16th

Casa Encendida, Madrid


Persijn Broersen/Margit Lukács
José Díaz
Johan Eldrot/ Erik Larsson
Haris Epaminonda
Karlos Gil
Josué Rauscher
John Stezaker
Miguel Ángel Tornero
Isabelle Vernay-Lèvêque

curated by Carlos Fernández-Pello


Akinci, Amsterdam


Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Hansjoerg Dobliar & Anne Wenzel

April 18-22nd

EMAF, Osnabruck, Germany

European Media Arts Festival

april 2011-april 2012


Cité Des Arts, Paris

februar 3th

Centre Pompidou, Paris

Hors Pistes

Screening will take place at Musee de La Chasse et Nature, also the fim Alpi by Armin Linke will be shown. The screening starts at 19;00.
februar 10-20

Sikasso, Mali

African Festival of virtual and Artistics Images FAIVA

oct 6th- march 12th

Museum De Paviljoens, Almere, NL

The Power Of Now
july 8th-oct 2011

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL


Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukács, Jan Dibbets, Zachary Formwalt, Gilbert & George, Richard Long, Xavier Ribas, Thorbjørn Røtland, Robert Smithson
May 22nd

Screening LA Film Forum

Egyptian Theater, Hollywood BLVD, Los Angeles

Spielberg theater

may 7nd


Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen
jan 2011


IFFR, International Film Festival Rotterdam

october 8th-november 13th

solo exhibition

AKINCI, Amsterdam, NL

Places We Know
opening friday october 8th 17;00
Press Release
wednesday september 29th


Nederlands Film Festival

july3rd-august 1st


Nieuw Dakota & Huize Frankendael

The Smooth & The Striated
may3rd - ongoing



Extreme Territory, Glorious Building
may 14th-june 15th

solo exhibition

China, Xiamen, CEAC

The New Sorrows of young Werther, pressrelease
opening june 4th
january 2010, opening 22th


Torun, Poland

CoCA, Centre of Contemporary Art 'Znaki Czasu'

The Past is a Foreign Country

group exhibition

participants: Johanna Billing / Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács / Banu Cennetoglu / Šejla Kameri / Deimantas Narkevicius / Agnieszka Polska / Jasper Rigole / Slavs and Tatars / Jutta Strohmaier / Levi van Veluw / Ingrid Wildi / Krzysztof Zielinski / Edwin Zwakman

curator: Aleksandra Kononiuk & Agnieszka Pindera

june 2010


Shanghai World Expo

the red snowball

may 2010


Shanghai World Expo

One Minute City Portrait DUBAI

We recently have made a film in Dubai about Dubai
november 2009


Brooklyn, New York

the old Stonehouse

Heart is Where the Home is

solo exhibition

'After the magic the only thing left is the cold shallow Reality' sentence written on the wall after the sudden foreclosure of the Scheringa Museum of Realistic Art because of the bankruptcy of the DSB bank (Dirk Scheringa Bank).


Krasnoyarsk Biennal, Russia

march 2009-june 2009


Mechelen, Belgium

by MuHKA, Antwerpen

All that is Solid/Not Nothing

also with Al and Al, Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Annie Cattrell, Edith Dekyndt, Jacobus Johannes de Raedt, Anish Kapoor, Yves Klein, Lea Lagasse, Jürg Lehni & Alex Rich, Gordon Matta-Clark, Jonathan Monk, Joseph Plateau, Quay Brothers, Dominique Somers, Sherridan Stymest

februar 14th-april 25th


Montevideo (NIMK), Amsterdam, NL

In Search of the Unkown

Neïl Beloufa (FR), Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács (NL), Heman Chong (SG), Graham Ellard & Stephen Johnstone (UK), Johannes Heldén (SE), Sebastian Diaz Morales (AR/NL), Ann Lislegaard (NO), r a d i o q ua l i a (NZ), Semiconductor (UK), Mark Aerial Waller (UK)


International Film Festival Rotterdam

premiere Manifest Destiny
22-01 t/m 08-03


TENT, Rotterdam, NL

International Film Festival Rotterdam


opening 22 jan18;00

Also with Simon Starling, Carlo Zanni, Joachim Koester, Jodi, Roman Ondak, Simon Norfolk, Ken Jacobs, Roy Arden, Morgan Fisher, Charles & Ray Eames
januar 2009


By The Way

Amsterdam, NL

Everything You've Always Expected


november 26th-30th


open studio's

Rijksakademie, Amsterdam

MANIFEST DESTINY, we will show a new film and a series of silkscreens

jan-jun 2008


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, SMCS

group show with Erik van Lieshout, Pavel Althamer, Martha Colburn, Martin Kippenberger, Brody Condon, Mike Kelley, David Mjalkovic, Neo Rauch, Aernout Mik, AVL, Rineke Dijkstra, Cosima von Bonin and more
opening 18 januari
may 30-october 12th


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, SMCS


group show
opening may 29th
first presentation of 'Here is Everywhere'
feb 2008


ACC Galerie Weimar

Weimar, Germany

'The Subversion of Standstill'

group show also with Raymond Taudin Chabot, David Claerbout and more
november 11th 2006 - januar 7th

solo exhibition


Museum SM'S , 's-Hertogenbosch

Solo show in which we will present several new works

lecture sunday 3rd of december
july 16th


Volkskrant Beeldende Kunst Prijs

bekendmaking van de winnaar 16 juli op ned3

kort televisieportret op 9 juli, ook op ned3

De andere genomineerden: Tudor Bratu
Nathalie Bruys
Sebastian Diaz Morales
Sanja Medic
Heimir Bjorgulfsson

mar 2006


Stedelijk Museum CS Amsterdam, Next Level

group exhibition, with Joes Koppers, Brody Condon, Jan van Nuenen en de Gamekings

The Chance Encounter
mar 2006


Platform Garanti, Istanbul

screening program 'sex and sadness' , curated by Jan Schuijren

nov2005 -

feb 2006


IASPIS, Stockhom, Sweden

funded by the Fonds BKVB

Dress used by Moooi presentation



Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest, Germany

screening Prime Time Paradise

september 26th


the world of tomorrow, Coparck

RErelease of the single "The World Of Tomorrow" from Coparck, we've made the videoclip.

the clip is broadcasted again by MTV and The Box.The song is used for a commercial for Milner-cheese.

clip: theworldoftomorrow

band: coparck.

september 3rd october 30th

opening september 3rd


Leidsche Rijn, Beyond, 'Pursuit of Happiness"

' Pursuit of Happiness' ook met o.a. John Bock (DE),
Aernout Mik (NL),
Corinna Schnitt (DE),
Santiago Sierra (ES),
Marijke van Warmerdam (NL),Erik van Lieshout (NL), Claudia & Julia Müller (CH), Barbara Visser (NL)
march 29th


Arte TV

Japanese Girls (with Raymond Taudin Chabot 1998) will be shown in the program Die Nacht/La Nuit made by Paul Ouazan

november 2004


'Crossing Currents'

Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India

Show curated by Johan Pijnappel, also with Marina Abramovic, Tiong Ang, Shilpa Gupta, Jeroen Kooijmans, Nalini Malani, Elsbeth van Noppen, Sharmila Samant, Tejal Shah, Vivan Sundaram

september 3rd- november 18th 2004


Stedelijk Museum CS, Amsterdam


Persijn & Margit showed their new video: Prime Time Paradise, a journey through the landscape of present-day televison

also with:
Stuart Bailey, Jop van Bennekom, Julia Born, Thomas Buxó, goodwill, Hansje van Halem, Joes Koppers, Alon Levin, Harmen Liemburg,Machine, Mevis en Van Deursen, Maureen Mooren & Daniël van der Velden, Leonard van Munster, Richard Niessen, Esther de Vries, Roel Wouters.

july 7th 2004


Baueresque Tour

perfromance with Bauer in a real! church in Vlissingen

Persijn's birthday!

june 18th- 30th


10 year design Sandberg Institute

groupexhibition 10 jaar Sandberg Instituut ontwerpen,

TPG Building Ground Floor, Amsterdam

Finally! back after all those years; Persijn's Wallpapermachine !

march 26th-april 4th 204


"Zwart Licht"

Nieuwe Vide Haarlem

exhibition curated by marissa evers

november 20, 2003


"OneMinute Awards 2003" Paradiso, Amsterdam

organised, directed & produced the oneminutes awards

november december 2002



In China we were invited to give a 4 week videoworkshop at the Xiamen University, afterwards we organised the"OneMinuteForever-FestivalAwardShow"

also we gave lectures about our work at the Hangzhou & Nanjing Art academies and at the Beijing Film Academy

januar 2002



Our first project together, the videoclip "into routine" for Coparck, an assignment from Virgin Holland