After Eden

Video installation 17 minutes


In the film After Eden Broersen and Lukacs establish Eden with a expeditious montage of landscapes cut from a cross section of Hollywood’s film culture—ranging from classic westerns to contemporary war movies. This time, however, there are signs of friction: fences and borders, floods and explosions, violent stampedes leaving a bare and exhausted desert behind. The eye of the camera becomes more and more frantic in its search for the pristine.


Distorted and fragmented along the way, the complex construction of Broersen & Lukács immersive imagery is in the least concealed, constantly reminding us that, with the boundless dimensions of virtual space, it’s quite a challenge to keep a grip: propelled from one cliff-hanger into another, one finds oneself captured by a loophole of scenes reminiscent of a distant reality that never was.

After Eden Wallpaper

After Eden Wallpaper