Liquid Territories, 2014

exhibition in Higgs Space, Budapest

Everything seemed enveloped in black shadows and sorrow swallowed her soul with the languor that seizes you after everything has been done. It reappeared, taller, handsomer, more charming, more vague than before. Though separated from her, it had not left her; it was there, and the walls of the house seemed to hold its shadow. Scrolling and floating, flying and beholding, dying and resurrecting, we are the dinosaurs and the aliens, the smallest parts and the highest mountains, we live in our homes adorned with nothing but the purest white. It's a world without end, forever unified in the liquid crystals of our black screens. Let’s have it all! Failure, Ignorance, Envy and the 24 Things Single People are Tired of Hearing. The False Lash Effect, the Shipwreck Haircut, the War of the Worlds, the Gore-House Chainwalker and the Mega Millions. Have we hugged our loved ones lately? Did we click to learn more? and what happens When The Ice Melts?