Ruins In Reverse, 2014

exhibited in the exhibition "On the Move" in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam until Januar 18 2015

The work has been acquired by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

soundscore by Natalia Domiguez Rangel!

Ruins In Reverse, videoregistration Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, on Vimeo.

Ruins in Reverse

In their new work 'Ruins in Reverse', Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács transport the viewer on an odyssey through the future. They have created an installation based on sci-fi movies for the escalator area of the Stedelijk Museum. The history of the future unfolds in a panorama, a Babylonian construction of fictional landscapes and cities. It reveals that where early utopias consist of streamlined, modernist buildings, more contemporary futuristic visions take on an opposite side and show the same architecture but then in a darker, apocalyptic character. Just lately mainstream science fiction movies have seen a rather utopian change- with organic based architecture that is built on the ruins of the past.

The installation affirms the impossibility of capturing the future in images; filmmakers often return to images of the past, apparently unable to avoid resorting to nostalgia and clichés. However, the imagery of the past is not easy to merge- the construction of the staged sets is more visible and framed, whereas the images of contemporary future seem to be more and more interchangeable, intrinsically made from identical matter. At the same time, it seems that the more recent depictions of the future increasingly mirror the images we consume every day through the plethora of media that surrounds us.

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The Fashion Institute Amsterdam has produced a line of shirts based on the work