The Broersen Family, 2006

multiple channel video installation, 20 minutes


The current issue of the Dutch identity and the rising xenophobia was the reason to take our own origin (Jewish Hungarian versus Westfries) as a starting point.
This resulted in two video works, the four-channel videowork “The Broersens” and the film “Raise High the Roof Beam’.
Since generations, Broersen’s rather large family is part of a small and close-knit village community in the north of the Netherlands, in contrast to Lukacs’s Jewish-Hungarian family that spread around the globe, in which solid family ties are absent and their origin was suppressed.
What does it mean for someone’s identity and the generations after to leave the house of one’s birth, to renounce one’s descent? And, contrary to this, what does it mean to live on the land that your forbears have created and so you never had to question your right to exist?

In ‘The Broersen Family’ one sees the story of a typically Dutch village community which has to deal with a globalizing world. Hollywood-inspired images of the expanding universe runs through the whole film as a reminder of the irrational fears that drive this seemingly down-to-earth community.